What customers say

We started working with Dolce Vita few years ago when we remodeled one of our bathrooms. The bathroom came out really good and we liked the look and quality of the items. Last year we did a major remodeling and had to update few additional bathrooms and kitchen. It’s an all-white, contemporary kitchen with glossy cabinets. Besides the fact that it looks impressive, it’s really convenient for daily usage. We worked with Sergei on the design of our kitchen and bathrooms, and we really liked the outcome.

Olga S.

We found Dolce Vita kitchen showroom online when we decided to update our kitchen.
The project took about three and half months to complete, but the kitchen came out really nice. Their designer, Eti, helped us coordinate the backsplash tiles, countertop and wall color, so it all complimented the contemporary kitchen design. We were overwhelmed by the choices of finishes and colors, so we finally decided to stay with white glossy cabinets. We’ll be coming back next year to remodel our master bathroom.

Jackie L

Our experience at Dolce Vita will always be remembered. We had our kitchen done by Dolce Vita about 2 years ago and throughout the process the staff were always ready to help and cooperate with us. Our kitchen to me is one of a kind it’s very modernized and unique we haven’t had any problems so far with our kitchen. I would seriously recommend anyone if they need to remodel or buy a new kitchen they should definitely go to Dolce Vita.

Uzma N